(Acces by) Public transport

With public transport: Take bus 133E or 33 from the stop Hengermalom street approx. 5 minutes' walk from the Hengermalom út / Szerémi út stop of tram number 1 approx. 8 minutes walk. At night, bus 901 from the Hengermalom út stop is approx. 3 minutes walk.

Table Reservation Process

If you want to reserve a table (or equipment for baking/cooking), please fill out the form and send us your request - you will also receive an email about it, you can check the correctness of the data. (Please also check your spam folder).
Sending the data is not an automatic reservation, after processing, we will send you an email again to confirm your reservation. (Please also check your spam folder.)
The latest arrival time for the given day is 21:00.
Minimum reservation number is five people.
Table reservations can be sent to us until 8 PM the day before the event.
We host a lot of events so in order to avoid any cancellation due to an other festival organized by us, you can reserve a table up to 30 days in advance.
Table reservations are made exclusively through this system!
In case we do not have any more available reservations online for the given day, you can still visit us but please keep it in mind that our additional free seats on site will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cauldron, grill, spit

You can bake/grill and cook in the garden, for which you can borrow the necessary tools from Dürer Kert. The food that you want to cook/bake must be brought to the venue in a pre-prepared state, as we cannot provide a preparation room.
Book a table without a special occasion (free of charge) / ‘basic/normal table reservation’ maybe?
Book a table for a birthday event (free of charge) - during seating, we are focusing on placing the guests to a spot where they can freely celebrate
Reserve a table to watch a sporting event - the view of the projector is taken into account during seating
Table reservation with cauldron rental (12,000 HUF/occasion, for 5 hour intervals) - The price includes equipment for baking/cooking and sufficient fuel for the rental period. The set consists of: 1 cauldron (15 liters), 1 rack, 1 wooden spoon, 1 ladle, firewood and fuel.
Table reservation with grill rental (12,000 HUF/occasion, for 5 hour intervals) - The price includes equipment for baking/cooking and sufficient fuel for the rental period. The set consists of 1 charcoal grill (round shaped, 45 cm in diameter), 1 tweezers, charcoal & ignition fluid.
Reserve a table for grilling on a spit (12,000 HUF/occasion, every 5 hours) - The price includes equipment for baking / cooking and sufficient fuel for the rental period. The set consists of 10 metal U-shaped skewers with wooden handles and firewood.
You can only choose one type of device for a reservation.
The deposit for a set is 10,000 HUF (can only be paid in cash).
The rental fee and the deposit must be paid in advance at the start of the rental.
The deposit is returned in full at the end of the rental, if the equipment is returned in an undamaged and complete condition.

If you can, please bring your own cutlery in order to protect the environment, but if you need it, it is also possible to buy disposable cutlery on site.
A set includes a plate and cutlery package, as well as a napkin.
Price of a set: 200 HUF /gross/.

Ticket Validation

Tickets are validated at the entrance to the concert hall, or at the main entrance in the case of a full house event. In order to speed up entry, please prepare your pre-purchased ticket (printed or from a smartphone) or your means of payment.

18+ policy

Our guests under the age of 16 can visit the concerts only with parental supervision or accompanied by an adult authorized by a parent. The parental authorization can be downloaded from www.dü, under the menu item 'Downloadable materials'.

Our guests between the ages of 16 and 18 can participate in the concerts with a parental declaration filled in by their parent or guardian in advance. The parental authorization can be downloaded from www.dü, under the menu item 'Downloadable materials'.

Completed parental declarations are kept for 30 calendar days at Dürer Kert.

After 11 PM, only people over the age of 18 are allowed in the area of Dürer Kert. It is the responsibility of the adult accompanying them to leave Dürer Kert by 11 PM for those guests, who are under the age of 16. If our guests under the age of 18 attend the event accompanied by their parents, their stay in Dürer Kert is also allowed after 11 PM.

Persons under the age of 18 can not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. During service at the counters, Guests may be asked to prove their age with a creditable document.


Smoking is prohibited inside the building, it is only allowed outside, in the garden area.
In case of breaking the prohibition, the person who smokes inside or unreasonably activates the fire alarm system must pay a fine of 3000 Euros due to the serious violation of the House Rules.


The cloakroom fee is 300 HUF per piece - the indicated price includes VAT.
The price is for one-time administration. We can only place coats and bags separately!
Only bags smaller than 40x30x20 cm can be brought into the concert halls of Dürer Kert, packages and umbrellas larger than this are not only prohibited, but must be placed in the cloakroom after entering.
We take no responsibility for the items placed in the cloakroom and the valuables left in them!

Our cloakroom is closed during the summer.

Bicycle storage

Dürer Kert is bike-friendly! So you will find a large bicycle storage at the entrance next to the garden area. Please use these and don't tie your bike to the trees!

Lost and found

Ask the staff on site about found or returned items, or contact us by e-mail. -> kontakt link
We cannot take financial responsibility for objects lost on our territory.

Blanket, table tennis, foosball

You can get a blanket or table tennis racket from our bartenders for a deposit of 2000 HUF, but you can also play with your own racket. It is not possible to reserve a table tennis table. Our foosball tables work with 100 HUF coins.


Dürer Kert is dog-friendly! You can sit your pet next to your table in our garden, but they are not allowed at our concert hall events.
We thank you for keeping our garden clean with us, feel free to grab & use the dog bags that have been put out! If you want to go down by the river, please lead your dog next to our garden steps to avoid paw damage.
If the staff of the Dürer Kert deems it justified (the pet brought in is aggressive, poses a danger to the guests, other pets, local protected species), we may ask you to use a muzzle and a leash, or to leave the Dürer Kert.

Wheelchair information

Our location is accessible: in case of wheelchair access, please use the help of our colleagues, who will help you get to the venue of the given concert via the appropriate route - all of which are located on the ground floor and can be visited.

Our washrooms are also barrier-free, ensuring easy access in both the women's and men's sections.

Come with bike!

we are full of bicycle storage

Public Transport
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Hengermalom út / Szerémi út stop
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